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german shepherd dog bite

Minnesota Dog Bite Lawyer

According to a US study, a German Shepherd bite is among the top six most dangerous bites from dogs. The other dog breeds with dangerous bites are pit bulls, rottweilers, terriers and mixed breeds.

A German Shepherd can weigh anywhere from 70 to 84 pounds. So there’s a lot of weight behind its bite. Plus, the bite force of the German Shepherd is 238 PSI (pounds per square inch). To get an idea of what this means, consider that the bite force of human beings is 162 PSI. So you can safely say that humans can only bite two-thirds as hard as German Shepherds.

Consequences of a German Shepherd Bite

Getting bitten by a German Shepherd in Minnesota is dangerous and can result in the following injuries:

  1. Fractured bones
  2. Torn muscles
  3. Deep gashes resulting in scars
  4. Bruises and swelling

Why Do German Shepherds Bite Humans?

A German Shepherd might bite a human for any of the following reasons:

  • Teething: If the dog is still a puppy which is teething, then they’re always looking for something to bite and might end up biting you.
  • High Prey Drive: German Shepherds, as the name suggests, were bred in order to herd sheep, a task which includes running after the sheep and even biting them, though not too hard, to get them back into the flock. Unfortunately, this innate prey drive might lead them to bite you.
  • Adopted Too Early: Some German Shepherds might be adopted too early and taken away from their litter before they learn bite inhibition. Never adopt a German Shepherd unless it is at least 8 weeks old.
  • Fear: Whenever any dog feels like it is under attack, it gets afraid and might respond by going on the offensive i.e. biting.

Physical and Psychological Effects of a German Shepherd Bite

There are many reasons why a German Shepherd might bite you, but that doesn’t mean that its bite doesn’t have a deleterious effect on your life. If your injuries as a result of a German Shepherd bite are serious, then you are sure to have medical bills. Plus, you’re probably likely to miss some days of work. If you actually broke a bone or had a very serious injury, then you’re going to be laid up for a few months. So it can have a serious impact on your physical health.

Additionally, consider the fact that it might also have a serious impact on your mental health. Being bitten badly might result in a lot of anxiety whenever you go out and are likely to encounter another dog. You might even develop PTSD symptoms and will need to speak to a therapist in order to start feeling normal again.

Why Get a Dog Bite Lawyer When You’ve Been Bitten by a German Shepherd?

Given the serious consequences of a German Shepherd bite, it makes sense to get a lawyer to defend you when you’ve been bitten in Minnesota. Here are some ways in which getting a lawyer can help you:

  1. Medical Bills: First and foremost, your lawyer will make sure that you get compensated for your medical bills for both, your physical injuries and any psychological issues arising from the dog bite.
  2. Job Loss: Apart from getting reimbursed for medical bills, your lawyer can also get you compensation for any days of work you might have missed. If you lost your job because you couldn’t work, your Minnesota lawyer will factor this into your case also and get you more compensation.
  3. Presenting Your Case: The German Shepherd’s owner will likely say that you provoked the dog, but your lawyer will get the details and present your side of the case.
  4. Settlement: Your lawyer will be able to sit down with the German Shepherd’s owner’s lawyer and come to some kind of settlement which is acceptable to both parties.
  5. Experience: Your lawyer will have a better idea of how much compensation you can hope to get in your case because they have probably dealt with many such cases in the past.

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