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Mike Swor, co-founder of Swor & Gatto

With tremendous grief, but appreciation and joy for a life well lived, we announce the passing of our co-founder, Mike Swor.

Mike grew up in Virginia, Minnesota, where he acquired a joy for the outdoors alongside a thirst for education that saw him attend college and law school in the Twin Cities. Soon after graduating from law school, and through a twist of fate, Mike found himself practicing at a law firm in St. Paul across the hall from another young attorney, Paul Gatto. Mike and Paul soon became friends, and in 1981, after only a few years of practice, they decided to take a leap of faith and open their own firm. They worked out of Mike’s basement for a few years before finding their footing and eventually moving to a proper office (much to the delight of their respective wives).

Over the next four decades, Mike and Paul worked together, representing thousands of injured clients and establishing the Firm as an industry leader. Nothing was more gratifying to Mike than helping those in need. Mike and Paul’s 40+ year friendship was filled with countless trips, toasts, shared friends, and experiences, and was highlighted by seeing the joy each received from their children and families.

Mike will be missed, but his spirit will never be forgotten.