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St. Paul Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Considered one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, the Chow Chow is known for being affectionate and devoted to its owners. What’smore, this breed is characterized by a calm, almost cat-like demeanor that makes them seem friendly at first instance.

Despite this, the Chow Chow remains a fierce guard dog that requires constant socialization to avoid accidents or other disasters. Having been listed as an aggressive breed, Chow Chow owners are required to take appropriate care of their dog to prevent accidents. This typically involves subjecting the dogs to daily physical activity and early socialization with humans to increase their awareness of their surroundings.

That said, in the event of a dog-bite incident, the dog owner should be held responsible. In simpler terms, if a Chow Chow bites you, you have a right to hold the owner responsible for the dog’s behavior. Essentially, a dog bite attorney can help safeguard your rights and ensure you obtain the necessary amount of compensation you deserve.

Facts about Chow Chow Dog Bites in Minnesota

Research suggests that approximately 51% of Chow Chow dog bite victims are children. What’smore, dog bites are deemed the second most frequent reason for child-related emergency visits in hospitals.

That said, children are highly likely to be injured by Chow Chow based on the following reasons:

  • Children often play too rough
  • The rapid movements of children might scare the Chow Chow
  • Children like to yell or run around dogs, which may trigger a Chow chow’s hunting instincts.

For this reason, dog owners need to take care of Chow chow when around children. Essentially, this helps avoid the risk of accidents and serious injuries.

Types of Injuries You are Likely to sustain in a Chow Chow Attack in Minnesota.

Following a dog attack in Minnesota, the following are some of the types of injuries you are likely to sustain :

Broken bones: One of the most common injuries is sustained following a dog bite attack. The American Academy of orthopedic surgeons suggests that a Chow Chow dog bite can damage muscles, bones, and tendons even if the dog doesn’t break the skin. The visible signs of broken bones include the inability to bend or straighten a finger or a loss of sensation.

Post-traumatic stress disorder: This condition is likely to occur in the event of a Chow Chow Attack. Often, children tend to develop this condition within two to nine months after an attack.

Puncture wounds: Open wounds are highly likely to develop following a Chow Chow Attack. This tends to occur due to skin damage that causes bleeding and creates the possibility of an infection.

Laws that Govern a Chow Chow Injury Claim in Minnesota

A claim process is a legal process that is governed by the law. As such, a Chow Chow claim in Minnesota is a personal injury claim that is subject to the law. In this regard, there are two types of laws that could impact your claim. These laws include:

Negligence laws

The laws of negligence typically govern most personal injury claims. Oftentimes to succeed in a Chow Chow injury claim, you need to establish that there was negligence. This denotes proving the existence of the elements of negligence such as :

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of the duty of care
  • Causation
  • Injury

Statute of Limitations

Like most claims, a Chow Chow claim is also governed by the statute of limitations. This statute provides that a claimant seeking to recover losses in a personal injury claim must file the claim within one year after the incident. As such, if you file the suit after one year has elapsed, your lawsuit will be deemed void and is likely to be quashed.

Practically, you need to file a claim for compensation as soon as the injury occurs. This makes it easy to establish a valid claim.

Need help? Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Minnesota

If you or your loved one sustained an injury due to a Chow Chow-related incident in Minnesota, it is vital to safeguard your rights and interests. To achieve this, you need legal representation from a competent and qualified attorney who can help you obtain the compensation you deserve to cover your losses.

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