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Here at Swor & Gatto, P.A., our mission is to ensure that our clients receive exceptional legal service, but we also strive to offer understanding, support, and any other assistance needed in complicated times. Since 1981, our team has made it a priority to treat our clients in a positive, understanding manner.

Our reputation has enabled many individuals to discover that our empathetic and exceptional attorneys can make a huge difference in how their case is approached. Lawyers who partner with Minnesota personal injury lawyers at Swor & Gatto have years of experience in personal injury matters. Their experience allows them to:

  • Advise clients concerning their rights and the options available to the injured party and his or her family
  • Quickly examine the accident; build solid cases, and build cases that increase victims’ recovery rates
  • Determine if medical negligence has occurred
  • Understand what the victim is facing

Avoid Gaps in Treatment

In the world of personal injury incidents, the victims are understandably eager to resume their lives and get back to the person they were before the accident. Clients want to avoid “gaps” in any way possible. Personal injury victims often require treatment over time. Those clients who disregard the ongoing treatment schedule are causing a “gap” in their treatment.

A gap can also occur if appointments are missed; long time periods pass without seeing the client’s doctor; or, generally, not following the directions given to the victim. When these issues take place, the victim’s injury claim may significantly be devalued.

Understand that insurance company adjusters are going to move quickly in order to devalue the victim’s claim. Some adjusters will define your gaps as evidence that your injuries were not as severe as you claimed.

The Reasons for Some Types of Gaps in Treatments

Yes, there are times when treatments have to take a back seat to treatments, such as:

  • In some cases, the patient is experiencing an illness that prevents him or her from getting to the doctor’s office.
  • Some patients feel their level of pain is bearable and seeing the doctor is inconvenient.
  • Sometimes the victim is waiting to be examined by a specialist.
  • Other unforeseen life events may come up that affect the patient’s ability to get to his or her treatments.

If any of these situations occur during your treatments, it is important to connect with your physician. Gaps in treatment can delay healing. Taking care of yourself during your recovery is the best path you can take.

Five Tactics Used by Insurance Companies

1. There are insurance adjusters who call a plaintiff looking for information that can be used against the victim.

2. An insurance adjuster might call the plaintiff asking for medical records. That type of call could mean that the adjuster is looking for previous medical conditions to devalue or deny the claim.

3. Unbelievably, some adjusters will deliberately cause the plaintiff to become anxious, hoping they will reveal information or agree to a settlement prematurely.

4. In some cases, adjusters will lead the plaintiff to believe that they are not receiving damages for pain and suffering.

5. Insurance companies sometimes insist that the claim be settled quickly. Doing so often does not understand how much their claim should be.

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