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St. Paul Auto Accident Attorneys

Following a car accident, many people struggle to know what to do next. What actions should you take? How can you protect yourself? Follow these steps to protect yourself medically and financially after an accident.

Step One: Seek medical care immediately.

Even if you believe you did not suffer serious injuries, seek medical care immediately after your accident. Medical care after an accident serves two key purposes. First, it ensures that you do not miss any serious injuries. Traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, chest contusions, and even broken bones may not show up immediately after the accident, when adrenaline may disguise signs of injury, including concealing pain.

Medical treatment immediately after an accident also ensures that you have a clear record of when your injuries took place. If you do not seek medical treatment immediately, the other driver’s insurance company may attempt to claim that you suffered those injuries at another time, rather than during the car accident.

Keep track of any medical bills you receive, and make sure you fully follow the recommendations of your doctors and therapists. By following those recommendations, you not only increase your ability to make a full recovery, you ensure that the insurance company cannot claim that you worsened your own injuries.

Step Two: Get in touch with your insurance company.

In Minnesota, drivers must carry personal injury protection insurance, which provides the initial coverage for injuries and lost wages following any auto accident. Minnesota mandates at least $20,000 in PIP coverage for its drivers. This coverage can help provide a vital layer of financial protection when it comes to paying your medical bills following a serious auto accident. You should, however, notify your insurance company as soon as possible.

You should also get in touch with your health insurance company as soon after your accident as possible. Your health insurance company can help you pay for many of your medical bills and ensure that you get the treatment you need for your injuries; however, the company needs to know how you suffered those injuries in order to approve payment.

Step Three: Contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Many people put off working with an attorney after a serious car accident. They may worry about the cost of the attorney’s fees or feel that they can handle it on their own. Working with an attorney, however, can prove vital to your claim. Many victims find that an attorney increases the amount they receive in compensation for their injuries, even after they take legal fees into account. An attorney also offers a number of benefits:

An attorney can help you understand the compensation you deserve. Often, insurance companies will try to minimize the compensation you receive for your injuries. Working with an attorney can help give you a better understanding of how much compensation you deserve for your injuries.

An attorney can collect evidence related to the accident. Often, an attorney can help establish who caused your accident, frequently increasing the compensation you can receive or ensuring that you do not end up liable for an accident that you did not cause.

An attorney can provide valuable support as you file your claim. Often, working with an attorney can help reduce the stress associated with a personal injury claim, allowing you to focus on recovering from your injuries. Many victims also discover that an attorney can offer valuable advice that prevents them from mistakenly limiting their claim.

If you suffered serious injuries in an auto accident, do not wait. Instead, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Swor & Gatto as soon as possible.