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You may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits and money from your auto insurance if you’re hurt in a car or truck accident while working in Minnesota.

Some of the most common work-related car accidents include: a delivery driver losing control on black ice and veering off the road or a rideshare driver being rear-ended when the person behind them doesn’t notice stopped traffic ahead. If your Minnesota job requires you to drive and you get injured while driving for work, you may be eligible to receive auto insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. This may apply to delivery drivers, driving instructors, long-haul truck drivers, sanitation workers, and more. This article will discuss Minnesota workers’ compensation in these situations and when it applies.

Swor & Gatto, Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyers, has over 40 years of experience and will use this to your advantage. Before representing drivers who were injured on the job in motor vehicle accidents.

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Don’t wait if you’ve been injured in an accident. Important details can be forgotten, and memories fade with time. There are also strict deadlines for filing a claim and related documentation. At our law firm, we want to ensure you receive the maximum amount of workers’ compensation for your injuries by filing your claim promptly and accurately.

After a car accident in Minnesota, workers are entitled to certain compensation benefits.

If you or a loved one were in a car accident while working here in Minnesota, workers’ compensation would be the first type of coverage they would receive. However, things can quickly become complicated when trying to deal with insurance companies. Our team of car accident lawyers is experienced and will fight for you to get the best possible outcome. In most cases, MN workers’ comp will pay for both injuries sustained from the crash and any wages lost as a result–without too much difficulty. However, in some cases, the worker’s comp insurance company may refuse to accept the claim because they believe the worker had a pre-existing condition or that the car accident didn’t happen while the employee was working. If this happens, you may need an MN workers comp lawyer for assistance.

After a Minnesota car accident or truck accident, you will not be fully compensated for your losses through workers’ compensation. Workers comp usually only pays part of your lost wages, often doesn’t pay for all your medical bills, and puts a cap on the amount of money you can receive for pain and suffering. If the other driver were responsible for causing the car accident while driving for work, our best car crash lawyers would ensure that you receive additional compensation from either the other driver’s insurance company or your own if the other driver did not have any insurance.

You might be qualified to receive workers’ compensation benefits if you were injured while driving for work in a Minnesota car accident. Reach out to Swor & Gatto Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyers Office to explore the possibilities and advantages open to you.

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