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One of the biggest concerns or issues many people face when they are considering reaching out to an attorney is the cost it will take to obtain the services. Hiring a personal injury attorney may be a main barrier to many people who are seeking representation, and hiring a personal injury attorney may also seem to be a high-risk move because the verdict may eventually be favored towards the defendant.

For the majority of personal injury attorneys, they will provide services on a contingent fee basis. What does this mean? When a case is taken on as a contingent fee case, it means the client will only pay the attorney if the attorney handles the case successfully. The personal injury attorney agrees to accept a set percentage, and this can be 33 percent or up to 40 percent of the recovery.

If you win the case, the attorney’s fee will come out of the money that you are owed. What happens if a client does not win the case? If the client uses the case, no one will receive any money and the client will not have to pay for the work that has been completed.

It is important for many personal injury attorneys to provide services for those who are looking to fully pursue their civil rights without worrying about placing any financial strains on themselves.

Why Do Contingent Fee Agreements Exist?

It is important to know that not all contingent fee agreements will be the same. Some attorneys may take a smaller amount of what has been awarded to you if you win the case. Some attorneys may also take a smaller portion of the amount you were awarded if there was a reduction of work during your case. It is important to have a clear understanding of the contingent fee agreement before making a decision on the action you plan to take.

Attorneys who provide services on a contingent fee basis understand that those who are seeking legal services may already face financial struggles. Many personal injury attorneys understand the difficulties and unfortunate circumstances many of their clients face, and they make the decision to take on some financial burdens themselves as they work to win your case.

Contingent fee agreements will help provide complete and thorough legal services to those who are injured without making them feel overwhelmed with additional financial burdens.

Advantages To A Contingent Fee Agreement

There are several advantages to agreeing to this type of arrangement, including the following:

  • Injured people who have limited finances will have a chance to have their case heard
  • The risks to the clients will be minimized because a client will not owe any money if nothing is recovered
  • The personal injury attorney will have the same goal as you have, and that is to win the case
  • Contingent fee agreements are used to identify the cases that have substantial merit

When a personal injury attorney takes on a case on a contingent fee basis, the attorney will pay for the cost of investigation, consultations with internal and external experts, court costs, the gathering of medical documents, and any other expenses that will arise during the handling of your case. After the case has ended, you will be given a bill that shows the amount you are expected to pay.

If you have been injured due to intention actions or negligence, you should not be afraid to file a lawsuit because you are afraid you will not be able to afford an attorney. We want to help you obtain the legal representation you need. Contact us today to find out how we can provide you with the type of representation you need.