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As Marcus Gatto explains, and as we would expect, his first personal injury case was a small one. His client was involved in a car accident that involved being struck while turning left. It is undoubtedly a bad accident and traumatic, but thankfully for this woman, she was able to leave it with only relatively minor injuries. This raises the question of if it is even worth it to pursue a personal injury case against someone if your injuries or damages from the accident weren’t that bad.


There are those that can tell you that even a minor fender bender can lead to unexpected injuries. If you are in an accident and believe you are fine, it is still always worthwhile to visit a doctor as soon as possible as well as to get the contact information for anyone else involved just in case. For events like car accidents and even slip and falls, you might not even feel an injury at first. The adrenaline is high and it could cause you not even to feel anything serious until the next day.

Just like your lack of immediately noticeable injuries shouldn’t keep you from a doctor, it shouldn’t keep you from a potential personal injury case either. An issue like back problems from an accident can turn out to be an expensive and disabling injury and you should not be left paying for it.


The major take away from Marcus Gatto’s first case should be that personal injury suits are about more than just covering medical bills or even damage to your car or property. Sometimes the effect of an accident can’t necessarily be measured in monetary losses. The woman in his first case had a large household that she cared for, and they suffered because her accident had left her at least temporarily unable to take care of them.

While this inability to do regular duties can’t necessarily be measured monetarily, she was still able to get compensation for this from her personal injury suit. Her lawyer was able to not only get her medical bills covered, but he recovered a monetary amount for pain and suffering, which is compensation for a person that had to endure the trauma of an accident due to another’s negligence.

Ultimately, what you should consider if you only have minor injuries after an accident is that you shouldn’t have to pay those medical bills when someone else made you endure that pain. The client in the video above initially sought out a personal injury case when the insurance company of the person responsible declined to pay for her medical bills because she didn’t have that serious of injuries. However, ultimately, that medical bill, no matter how small, should not be your responsibility. Furthermore, personal injury suits can mean you can get compensation for simply having to endure the pain of that accident as well.


Have you been involved in an accident that was the fault of another? Certainly you may try to deal with their insurance company to get the compensation that you need, but they will definitely try to keep costs down by refusing to pay you. You may not believe your minor injuries merit a personal injury case, but why be left with bills that should have existed in the first place? If you have been in an accident and want to talk through your personal injury options, contact us today to see how the professionals at the Swor & Gatto Law Firm can help.