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Whether you were injured in a vehicle accident or a supermarket slip-and-fall, we understand that you have many questions. You want answers to these question and many more:

  • How will I pay my medical bills?
  • Will I lose my job?
  • Who is going to cover my lost wages?
  • What will happen to my family?
  • What will I do if the doctor says I need surgery?
  • How can I get justice through the Minnesota legal system?
  • Who is the at-fault party in my case?

You want immediate answers to these and many more legal questions. Some questions are easy to answer because we handle them every day at meetings with new clients. Other questions depend on the facts of your case, the extent of your injuries, and the ability to identify the party or parties that are financially responsible for what occurred. Building a personal injury claim is a process that takes time and the work of an entire legal team.

What We Do for Victims of Personal Injury Cases

We are passionate about helping people find justice through the legal system in Minneapolis and St. Paul. It is our obligation to represent accident victims and their families aggressively and to try to help them recover as much compensation. Under the ethical guidelines of the legal profession, we can’t promise any client a specific outcome in their case. However, we can give you examples of past cases in which we have successfully settled claims with insurance companies and cases in which we have won damages for injured clients at trial.

You Aren’t Alone

It is difficult to recover from a personal injury. We know that another party’s negligence has permanently affected your health and wellbeing. You and your family want justice, but the process for obtaining a recovery in your type of case isn’t as fast as you might hope. There are many issues to consider, including medical appointments, potential surgeries, doctor bills, and personal finances. You are only one person, and you didn’t bargain for this to happen to you. Where do you begin to understand your rights as the victim in a potential personal injury case in Minnesota?

We Can Help With Legal Representation

One of the first things that we recommend to injured clients is to accept that the event was not your fault. Accident victims often want someone to deal with all insurance companies and claims investigators. You are within your rights to refuse to answer questions until you obtain representation. You don’t have to give an insurance company a recorded statement or sign a release for medical records. Although we can help, you don’t have to make legal or financial decisions alone. First and foremost, you need to focus on recovering from all of your injuries. The medical bills, lost wages, property damage claims, and other financial concerns aren’t going away, but they can wait for a bit. You’ve been temporarily set back, and you and your family need time to make choices that could affect the future. Economic stability is a huge concern.

Get the Facts First

When you search for an attorney to handle your car accident case in Minnesota, please take your time. Learn about an individual’s qualifications and experience, not just the firm where they work. Remember that no one should be pressuring you or your spouse to sign paperwork or to accept any settlement check for injuries sustained in this case. An attorney should answer your questions and explain the appropriate statute of limitations governing your claim. Under state law, you only have a fixed amount of time to pursue a recovery for all injuries and damages resulting from this event.

For more details on obtaining representation for your personal injury case in Minnesota, please contact us today.