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We frequently get correspondence from accident victims who were making a U-turn when they were hit and injured by another motorist. Although this sort of accident is frequent, there are many reasons that it may occur, and the same car or truck will not always be at fault for the damages. We understand that establishing who is to blame in this scenario can be perplexing.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, a U-turn personal injury may be able to help. Please get in touch with one of our skilled personal injury attorneys. We will review your case and fight for the compensation you deserve – all at no cost to you unless we win.

The Legality of the U-Turn

If another car hits you while you are making an illegal U-turn, the accident is generally your responsibility. The reason is that traffic laws exist to help drivers avoid accidents. However, if the other driver was not at fault, they may be able to pursue a personal injury case against you.

In many cases, it is legal to make a U-turn. Who fault rests on in these accidents does not lie with the driver making the U-turn but with other elements such as who had the right of way and if either driver was distracted. Green arrows are given to drivers making U-turns to have the right of way. If a driver T-bones your car when you have a green arrow, that driver neglected their duty by running their red light. A different scenario would be if a diver is turning right on red and hits you during your U-turn; this accident might not fall on you because, generally speaking, they should yield right of way to you.

The Safety of the U-Turn

Even if the maneuver is legal, the driver who makes it must be aware of the traffic in the lane they’re entering. The U-turner may be held liable if they collide with another vehicle going with the traffic flow. If a car executing a wide turn misses the far curb and has to back up to get into its lane, its abrupt halt might be to blame for an accident.

Right On Red Driver vs. U-Turn Driver

A right-of-way violation occurs when a motorist at a red light departs from the intersection to turn right on red without first giving way to another driver making a legal U-turn. Because the U-turning driver has a green light, they should be given the right of way. Anyone who makes a right turn on red MUST do so safely by ensuring that no other vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians are in the street before turning.

If a driver at a stop sign turns right, they must still yield to the driver making the legal U-turn. The driver turning right must be vigilant and ensure not to strike any other vehicles, pedestrians, or bicyclists while turning. If you were hit by such a car while riding right, then a Minnesota U-turn accident attorney can help you quickly determine who was at fault and how best to proceed.

After the Accident: Your Next Steps

In most cases, a collision during a legal U-turn is not the fault of the U-turning motorist. Before taking responsibility for the incident or accepting compensation from insurance, consult with a Minnesota U-turn auto accident lawyer if you were hit by another car while making a U-turn.

Swor & Gatto is a SAINT PAUL, Minnesota, auto accidents law firm with decades of combined expertise assisting our clients in obtaining personal injury claims. Our Minnesota U-turn car accident lawyers can quickly determine who was at fault for the wreck and what you can do to recoup your medical expenditures, missed income, and other financial problems.

Have you been in a U-turn collision and believe you do not deserve to be blamed? Our Swor & Gatto, SAINT PAUL, Minnesota U-turn accident lawyers are ready to work on your injury claim.

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