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The Staffordshire terrier is an exciting and powerful breed of dog. The American Kennel Club suggests that there are two types of Staffordshire Terriers: American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire bull terrier. Although they are distinct, they trace their origin from the same bulldog family tree and, at the same time, share similar genetic makeup. Essentially, the two can be collectively referred to as Staffordshire Terriers.

Often referred to as Nanny dogs, the Staffordshire terrier can be an excellent family pet and companion. In addition, they have strong muscular bodies and powerful Jaws that make them similar to pit bulls. As such, most people often confuse them with the much-feared pit bulldogs.

Despite having a good temperament, the Staffordshire terrier has aggressive genes that trigger attacks and cause severe bites to people or other pets in certain circumstances. For this reason, Staffordshire terrier owners must have in place measures that will prevent the dogs from inflicting harm to others.

Admittedly, a Staffordshire terrier can inflict serious injury on a person that can lead to a long-term disability. As such, if you or your loved one sustained a Staffordshire terrier dog bite injury, you have the right to launch a Minnesota dog bite lawsuit to receive compensation for your injury. Essentially, an attorney at Swor & Gatto can give you all the information you need on dog bite laws and, at the same time, help you obtain the amount of compensation you deserve.

Understanding the Staffordshire terrier

The Staffordshire terrier was initially bred to be dogfighters and to engage in blood sport as well as hunting and herding. They are currently considered the 83rd most owned dog breed in the United States, low ranking partly due to bans in several states.

What’s more, they are characterized by a formidable physique, a sticky body, and medium size in terms of height. Notably, their physical makeup constitutes a well-defined and robust underjaw that makes their bite extremely powerful.

They are temperamental dogs whose behaviors are based on their training quality and genes. As such, although they are intelligent and affectionate, they have the potential to cause significant harm to others.

That said, if you or your loved one sustains a Staffordshire terrier dog bite injury, it is imperative to have a personal injury attorney at the Swor & Gatto for more help. Essentially, an attorney will help safeguard your rights and interests throughout the claim process.

Who is Liable in a Staffordshire terrier dog bite injury in Minnesota?

Minnesota’s dog bites injury law envisions a strict liability approach when dealing with dog bites. Put briefly, the law generally holds the dog owner strictly liable for the harm or injury sustained unless exceptional circumstances exist to preclude the owner from being held responsible.

Some of the exceptional circumstances that may preclude a dog owner from being liable include situations where the dog bite victim was trespassing or in cases where the dog owner had provided sufficient notice regarding the potentiality of a dog attack.

Typically, the law emphasizes the importance of responsible dog ownership. Essentially, dog owners are required to neuter their dogs in order to control the canine population. What’smore, they are encouraged to train their dogs in order to prevent the numerous dog attacks in Minnesota.

How is Staffordshire terrier dog bite claims handled in Minnesota?

Following a Staffordshire terrier dog bite attack in Minnesota, it is imperative to safeguard your right to receive compensation. This typically entails having a competent and qualified dog bite injury attorney who can help identify all the legal options you have and, at the same time, help you make an informed decision. Put briefly, an attorney will help you gather evidence, determine the liable party and establish the validity of your claim.

Essentially, establishing a valid claim will inadvertently translate to a successful claim. This means that you will receive compensation for your injury that will help cover medical losses incurred and cushion you from further losses.

Injured in a Staffordshire terrier dog bite in Minnesota? Contact a dog bite injury attorney.

If you or your loved one sustained a dog bite injury, you should seek legal help immediately. At the Swor & Gatto law firm, we have experience handling Staffordshire terrier dog bite injury claims in Minnesota. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best legal representation to ensure that they receive a successful outcome.

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