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When you ride in an Uber or Lyft, you can’t know the quality of the driver until you’re already in the car. Unfortunately, some drivers are less attentive than they should be, and rideshare accidents are all too common. If you’ve recently been in a rideshare accident, file your claim before the time limit ends with the help of an experienced legal team like Swor & Gatto.

How Uber & Lyft Drivers Are Held Responsible

By law, an at-fault driver is financially responsible for reimbursing victims for any injuries, medical expenses, or wages lost due to the accident. However, accidents involving Uber or Lyft drivers can be slightly harder to navigate. 

Minnesota requires Uber or Lyft drivers to carry million-dollar commercial insurance policies but Uber and Lyft aren’t classified like taxi companies. 

Ridesharing apps are considered software companies, not transportation providers. Their mobile app allows individuals to contact drivers for transportation. Uber and Lyft don’t directly employ drivers but recruit them as independent contractors. 

Regardless, you shouldn’t be the one paying your medical bills and losing money from time off work when they caused the wreck. If your driver or their vehicle was at fault, they’re liable for your injuries. Here’s how a team of attorneys can help you recover damages.

Why Hire Rideshare Accident Lawyers

Here are five reasons to leave this job to an attorney instead of trying to manage it alone. 

1. Help you gather evidence. The key to a strong Uber or Lyft accident claim is beginning immediately when the evidence is still fresh and readily available. If you’re unable to file immediately, for whatever reason, still gather evidence to build a strong case, such as:

    • A police report of the post-crash scene 
    • Medical records
    • Photos you took of the scene and your injuries
    • Documents highlighting medical bills, recovery services, and time lost from work

2. Offer guidance based on experience. We’ll guide you through the legal process while simultaneously handling complex claim paperwork. Without an expert legal team, it’s easy to miss an important step or deadline, further complicating the matter and making a successful outcome less likely.

3. Prove negligence, if applicable. If your driver was negligent, your Lyft or Uber accident attorney can help prove they breached their duty to protect you and others on the road, resulting in injury that deserves recoverable damages (e.g., compensation).

4. Help you recover damages for:

  • Medical bills
  • Wages lost, both current and in the future
  • Emotional and mental stress
  • Physical injuries
  • Funeral and burial expenses

5. Allow you to focus on healing. After a major accident, you need to prioritize your physical, emotional, and mental health. Leaving the proceedings to a dedicated legal team offers you valuable time to recuperate. 

The Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in Minnesota

You have four years to file a rideshare accident claim and hold your driver and their ridesharing company liable. Don’t risk letting the statute of limitations deadline pass you by! The sooner you file your claim, the stronger your case can be. 

Hire rideshare accident lawyers and file a claim with the court before the statute of limitations ends. If you delay,  the accident will pass beyond the scope of liability, and you won’t be able to get the restitution you deserve.

Hire a Lyft or Uber Accident Attorney

Rideshare companies and their insurance carriers are working on updating coverage rules to provide riders, drivers, and passengers with suitable coverage alternatives. If you’ve been in a rideshare accident, let us help you.

Whether you were a passenger or another driver on the road, our rideshare accident lawyers will tirelessly pursue your claim. Reach out to our team at Swor & Gatto for a free assessment of your case.

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