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Being involved in a car crash is never fun. If it does happen, though, it’s important to know the steps you need to take. Here are eight things you need to do after a car accident.

Stay at the Scene

You need to stay at the scene of the accident; it’s the law. Make sure that everyone is okay, and check on any passengers and make sure they are not injured. Protect yourself by moving your car to the side of the road, if possible. If it’s at night, make sure your car is visible to other motorists. Stay calm and composed while you wait for help.

Get Medical Help

Make sure to get medical help immediately if someone is injured. Even if you don’t feel hurt and there are no visible injuries, you still need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. There may be internal injuries that will manifest themselves a few days down the road. In addition, getting a medical report about your injuries is crucial for receiving the compensation you deserve.

Take Down Information

Take down the information of any other drivers and passengers that were involved in the crash. This includes their name, their contact information, information about the car (such as the make and model), and their license plate. This is especially important if the police do not arrive. In addition, take down the contact information of any bystanders who will be able to act as witnesses.

Document the Evidence

Take pictures of the crash scene. Take various pictures from different angles and distances so that every detail is photographed. If there are any injuries, take photographs of them as well; don’t leave out any graphic details.

Make sure to turn on the timestamp feature on your camera, or take a picture of a bystander’s cell phone that has the time displayed with the crash in the background. Document weather conditions by photographing the sky. Document conditions on the road and any traffic signs and markings at the scene.

Call the Police

Make a call to 911. Do this even if nobody was injured. Getting a police report will help you out when dealing with the insurance companies. Cooperate with the police fully. Avoid admitting guilt. If the police can not arrive, file a report with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Call Your Insurance Agency

Make a call to your insurance agent. Most insurance companies want to hear about a crash as soon as possible. Give them a report, but don’t make a statement yet.

Get Legal Help

It’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Dealing with the insurance agencies after a car crash can be difficult and confusing, and they’ll try to give you less compensation than you deserve. An attorney will be able to make sure that you get full compensation.

Make sure to contact an experienced attorney who specializes in these issues, instead of a do-it-all attorney who dabbles a little bit in everything. If you’re ever involved in a car crash in the St. Paul area, contact our experienced legal team immediately.