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propane gas explosion

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Propane gas is an odorless, yet explosive fuel that is used for a variety of purposes, including the following:

  • Cooking
  • Vehicle fuel
  • Heating homes
  • Heating water

Propane that is used for residential and/or commercial applications should be handled with care, and all safety regulations will need to be followed. Propane has to be pressurized and stored in tanks to maintain it in the form of gas. When propane gas becomes vaporized, it will be significantly heavier than air and accumulate rapidly in low areas.

If a propane tank leaks, the propane gas can become highly flammable and easily ignited. A propane gas explosion can occur anywhere when flammable gas is not handled correctly. This includes propane tank explosions and fires. Propane gas explosions can be the result of failing to adhere to industry-standard guidelines and regulations, a loose pipe, or a leak.

Propane gas explosions happen not only in industrial plants and chemical refineries across Minnesota but also in residential areas. Nothing is safe from a catastrophic propane gas explosion. Propane gas explosion accidents will typically result in some of the most serious and life-threatening injuries and even death.

Home Propane Gas Accidents

The propane gas explosion that took the life of your loved one was no doubt an incredible shock. You may have been cautious in your use of propane for any purpose it was used for, such as the following:

  • A family barbecue in your neighborhood
  • Water heating
  • Preparing a meal in your RV or camper trailer
  • Patio and/or backyard heater

Perhaps the proper steps were taken to ensure the propane tank was in top-notch condition, but when an exchange was made for a filled tank,  the details were not clear about what was being received. Perhaps the propane tank that was used for heating or cooking was not installed properly or was not connected properly

If old propane tanks are not properly maintained or there is a presence of defective regulators, valves, or hoses, the tanks can leak easily. The tanks can also leak if they have been overfilled. Each year, home heating equipment causes hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries.

Construction and Work Sites

Construction and worksites are areas where gas explosions usually occur because of the proximity to flammable materials and chemicals. Gas explosions can also happen when a worksite does not enforce safety regulations and fails to inspect and upgrade equipment. If an employer fails to keep a worksite safe and the company’s actions are found to be negligent in the death of an employee, the employee’s surviving family members can be entitled to compensation. If your loved one died as a result of a propane gas explosion, you should secure a wrongful death lawyer to investigate the details of your loved one’s accident.

Propane Gas Explosion Wrongful Death Claims

Filing a wrongful death claim is similar to filing the standard personal injury claim. If your loved one died as the result of a propane gas explosion and you are responsible for your loved one’s estate, you may file a petition with the court, with the assistance of an experienced Minnesota personal injury and wrongful death accident lawyer. 

The parties who are named the defendants will be notified of the suit. Our team will gather evidence on your loved one’s behalf, conduct interviews, and prepare our case. Settlement offers can be made at any time, but if the settlement terms are unacceptable and no terms can be agreed upon, your loved one’s case will proceed to trial.

If you have lost a loved one as a result of a propane gas explosion, you do not have to navigate the legal aspect alone. Not every personal injury and wrongful death case will be the same. Whether your loved one’s accident was the result of unsafe working conditions, faulty equipment, or other cause, we are here to help you explore all your legal options.

At Swor & Gatto, we will help you get the peace of mind you need and the answers you deserve. We want to get justice for your loved one and prevent your family from suffering additional burdens and stress. If you lost a loved one in a propane gas explosion, contact us at 651-454-3600 or complete our online form to request your free case evaluation.