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swor and gattoIn personal injury cases, there are no real winners. The person who was responsible for the accident can face steep insurance premiums, possible charges, and the knowledge that their actions or negligence harmed another person. On the other hand, the injured party can face pain and suffering, medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and the challenges that lie ahead.

Healing from any type of injury, managing the hardships, and moving forward with temporary or permanent injuries can all be a part of one’s life after an injury. Receiving a settlement cannot be considered being victorious like in a basketball game or football game. In personal injury cases, moving forward may mean seeing the at-fault party being held accountable or receiving compensation.

When a strong case is presented, you can receive the life-changing and life-saving medical treatment you need. A personal injury claim can help you move forward with your life when all your needs have been accounted for. Personal injury is a very comprehensive field of law that includes multiple types of injuries. However, there are some personal injury cases that are common in Minnesota and across the United States.

Here are some types of personal injury claims that can be pursued with the help of a personal injury lawyer serving Brainerd, Minnesota.

Auto Accidents Brainerd, Minnesota

If you experience an injury as a result of an auto accident and there is solid evidence to prove the other party was at-fault, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries. After filing an At-Fault claim in Minnesota, you will make a claim against the other driver who was at fault in causing the accident that resulted in your injuries. The At-Fault claim will have an effect on your case after the No-Fault claim, and will provide benefits beyond what was covered by the No-Fault claim.

Medical Negligence Brainerd Minnesota

medical negligence case will deal with one or more injuries caused by a medical professional’s negligence or inappropriate treatment. Personal injury cases involving medical negligence will generally require a medical professional to have broken a rule or taken actions that were deemed inappropriate in treating a patient. Injuries from medical negligence can result from defective drugs, defective medical devices, pharmacy malpractice, and more.

Slip and Fall Accidents Brainerd, MN

Anyone who is injured due to a slip and fall accident on public property or private property can be entitled to compensation for the injuries that were sustained. Generally, slip and fall personal injury cases will depend on the environment. If you are injured due to a slip and fall accident, your personal injury case can be strengthened if the public property or private property was deemed dangerous.

Common Injuries Involved In Personal Injury Cases

The damages that can be available to you in a personal injury case will heavily depend on the type of injury and the extent of the injury you sustained. Here are some examples of injuries that are commonly associated with personal injury claims.

  • Brain injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Leg and hip injuries

Any of the above injuries will require medical attention. If the injuries are not properly treated by a skilled medical professional, the injuries can be life-threatening and life-altering.

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Brainerd, Minnesota

Whether you have been in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall accident, or any other type of accident that resulted in injuries, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your options and your rights. Call Swor & Gatto today at (651) 454-3600 for a free case evaluation or request your free case evaluation online using our form. We specialize in multiple types of personal injury law in Minnesota and can help you fight for your rights.