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Minnesota Premises Liability Lawyer

A property owner has a responsibility to ensure the property is safe for individuals who may enter it, especially those who are permitted to enter the property. If the property is not safe and an injury results, then the property owner can be held liable for the monetary damages the accident caused.

If you or a love done has been injured in an accident due to no fault of your own on someone else’s property, then you may be able to file a claim. With the help of an experienced St. Paul personal injury lawyer, you can obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Holding Negligent Property Owners Accountable

Two of the most common accidents that occur on another’s property are slip and fall accidents and elevator escalator accidents. Perhaps there is an obstacle in the way that causes a person to fall or the floor is wet and the proper warnings are not displayed. This is what tends to happen in accidents at retail locations. Either a person slips and falls on a wet surface, the trip over an object left in the floor, or an item falls off of a shelf and hits them.

In regards to elevator and escalator accidents, they tend to be due to a lack of maintenance or defective parts.

Even if you have a case that does not fall into one of these two categories, you may still have a claim against the property owner for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other financial damages.

Obtaining The Best Results

Your Minnesota personal injury lawyer will fight hard to receive the best result for you. It starts with determining why you were on the property. Perhaps you were an invitee or a licensee. If you were an invitee, you were someone who was invited to be on the property for business or commercial reasons. Property owners have to maintain safety for invitees and provide the proper warnings when there are dangers. Licensees are those that are on a piece of property for non-commercial reasons, often personal reasons. Even if you know the property owner, they need to maintain safety.

The third category is the trespasser, but a person who sustains an injury on property they weren’t permitted to be on can’t typically win a claim. It is best to talk to your attorney about what happened so that a thorough investigation can begin and action taken against the responsible party so you can move forward with your life as soon as possible.

Contact A Minneapolis Personal Injury Attorney

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their property so that it is free of hazards for those who are permitted on the property. If an individual is injured due to a preventable hazard, it is the victim’s right to file a personal injury claim against the property owner and any other liable parties. To learn about your rights and options, call 651-454-3600 for a free consultation.