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St. Paul Firearm Injury Lawyers

At the St. Paul law firm of Swor & Gatto, P.A., our lawyers know from personal experience the importance of gun safety. Both Paul J. Gatto and Michael D. Swor are hunters, have gun licenses and understand the significance of hunting to many people in Minnesota. When we advocate for a client who was injured in a gun incident, we know the issues and can build a strong case.

Examples of Firearms Cases

Our attorneys represent clients who were injured and the loved ones of those who died as a result of:

  • Accidental shootings of hunting partners
  • Stray bullets from hunting or other shots
  • Weapons being stored without safety locks
  • Children being allowed to play with guns

What We Do and How We Help

We represent people who were shot in the leg, lost an eye or suffered a brain injury because of a gunshot wound. Our law firm consults with firearms experts, medical specialists and others who help determine the facts of a case.When needed, our experts will document the type of gun, determine the size of the shot and take x-rays to show the source of a bullet. Our attorneys also make sure that all evidence gathered by law enforcement is correctly evaluated and incorporated into the case.

We are able to identify the responsible party and obtain compensation for an injured person’s lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other costs and damages. We also represent families who lost loved ones because of stray bullets or other gun accidents. We know that money will not bring a loved one back; it will, however, allow families to focus on healing without financial worry.

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