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Minnesota Airplane Crash Attorneys

Airplane accident cases can be complex, requiring in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry. At Swor & Gatto, P.A., one of our lawyers is a licensed pilot. Paul Gatto understands the issues that are central to aviation accident cases. He knows the duties and responsibilities of pilots, commercial airlines and general aviation operators. This specialized knowledge, combined with the firm’s many years of experience, allows us to build strong cases for clients.

Examples of Our Cases

Our Minnesota attorneys advocate for injured people and families whose loved one died in aviation accidents. We handle matters such as:

  • Commercial plane crashes
  • General aviation crashes
  • Injuries occurring on commercial airplanes, including those caused by turbulence or during meal service

Our cases involve any type of airborne vehicle, including traffic helicopters, sight-seeing flights, hot air balloons and air ambulances. We handle commercial airplane crashes throughout the United States and other aviation matters in all parts of Minnesota.

Evaluating the Case, Seeking Maximum Recovery

We are able to evaluate cases quickly and educate clients about their options after any type of accident involving aircraft. We consult with aviation experts and medical specialists to determine the cause of an accident and the impact of our client’s injuries on their lives. We make sure that we include all the costs of an aviation accident, including medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy expenses, cost of durable medical equipment and more. We also seek maximum payment for a client’s pain and suffering.

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