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St. Paul ATV Accident Lawyers

ATV and snowmobile accidents can leave people with serious injuries, expensive injuries that can require lengthy recuperation periods or result in permanent disability. At Swor & Gatto, P.A., our attorneys have been handling serious personal injury matters since 1981.

We help people injured by the negligence of another party obtain damages and compensation for the costs of the accident. We have helped numerous clients after accidents involving ATVs and snowmobiles get the compensation they are entitled to.

Attorney Mike Swor has been an avid snowmobiler for many years. His knowledge of the sport, combined with his legal experience, give him the ability to evaluate recreational vehicle cases quickly and determine the best approach for the situation.

Causes of Accidents

Legal issues in accidents involving ATVs and snowmobiles include:

  • Defective equipment and components (product liability cases)
  • Adults who allow children too young to drive to operate snowmobiles or ATVs
  • Operating a recreational vehicle while drunk and other reckless behavior
  • Drivers of cars and trucks
  • Hazardous property or trail conditions

Preparing Each Case for Trial

Our Minnesota lawyers consult with a wide range of experts and specialists to identify the liable party. This allows us to determine the impact of the injuries on a client’s life, family and ability to work. We prepare each case for trial, knowing that insurance companies are more likely to offer a full and fair settlement when the alternative is a lengthy and expensive trial.

Fatal Accidents

We also handle wrongful death cases involving recreational vehicles. Like motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles leave drivers unprotected and vulnerable to serious injuries. Even with helmets, drivers of personal recreational vehicles can suffer fatal head or brain injuries or be disabled for life.

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