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Minnesota Lung Injury  Lawyer

You can’t live without your lungs because they help sustain your life. If they don’t function properly, then your quality of life is compromised due to difficulty breathing. When you have difficulty breathing, you could suffer brain damage and other organs are not going to get the oxygen that they need to properly function.

If you have been involved in an accident that was due to someone else’s negligence and you sustained a lung injury, you may be able to seek compensation from them for the monetary damages that have been done to you. To find out if you have a case, it is important to talk to an experienced Minneapolis personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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There are some lung injuries that are the direct result of genetics, poor living habits, and smoking. Other times, lung injuries are related to the work environment and this can lead to cancer. This is an example of a lung injury being due to the negligence of someone else.

Another example of a lung injury being the direct result of someone else’s negligence is a car accident. The impact from the wreck can cause the injury. The victim can hold the reckless driver responsible for the monetary damages resulting from the injury. A person who has been stabbed in an assault and experienced a punctured lung may also be able to hold the person who assaulted them accountable for their injuries.

No matter the cause, serious complications, such as pulmonary embolism, can occur. Pulmonary embolism can also occur because of certain medications. Yasmin and Avandia are examples of medications that have caused pulmonary embolism that has either resulted in lung issues or death.

Experienced Lung Injury Assistance

Whether you have breathed in hazardous chemicals in your neighborhood or work or you were involved in a high impact accident, we have helped individuals throughout Minnesota who have sustained lung injuries, such as:

  • Injury caused by infection
  • Direct and indirect lung injuries
  • Pulmonary aspiration
  • Sepsis lung injuries
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Ventilation or chemical injuries
  • Injury caused by toxins or asbestos
  • Severe bleeding
  • Car accident lung injury
  • Burns
  • Drug overdose
  • Ventilator issues
  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome

Living with a lung injury can be very stressful. If you have experienced any of these injuries, you have to be on medication and/or watch the activities that you engage in. Your St. Paul personal injury lawyer will evaluate what the impact is on your life so that it can be used to show how your life will never be the same, thus building a strong case for you that can win the compensation you deserve.

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Lung injuries are very serious because they can shorten your life and the quality of it. If you or a loved one has sustained a lung injury in an accident that is due to the fault of someone else, you may be able to hold them accountable for the damages done to you. To learn more about how Swor & Gatto can help you, call 651-454-3600 or toll free at 651-454-3600 for a free consultation.