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Minnesota Escalator Accident Lawyer

There are escalators dotted all throughout the Twin Cities. Shopping malls, office buildings, and various others have escalators to make moving from floor to floor much easier. In many instances, they can be considered safer since a person simply has to stand to go up and down them. The only obstacle seems to be getting on and off of them, but many individuals throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul are very accustomed to them, and they trust them.

It is when one fails or an accident occurs due to someone’s negligence that an escalator becomes an issue. Escalators can fail due to mechanical defects, manufacturer errors, or failure to maintain them properly. There are many ways that negligence can lead to an escalator accident. If you have been involved in an escalator accident, you must seek the assistance of an experienced Minneapolis personal injury attorney with experience in such cases.

A Thorough Investigation Of Your Case

If you or someone you love has fallen from an escalator, become caught in one, or have been injured in another way, it is essential to seek legal assistance. Measures can be taken to ensure that you receive the proper medical treatment, as well as a claim filed to seek compensation for the injuries done to you.

Because the accident occurred in a public area, you may be able to obtain compensation through the property’s insurance carrier. However, there are many times that the claim will not cover all of your costs, which can lead to the possibility of trial. It is best to talk to a St. Paul personal injury attorney who has helped individuals throughout Minnesota seek the justice they need to move forward.

Experience With Escalator Accident Causes

There are several reasons why escalator accidents occur. Improper maintenance is one of those, which means the escalator is not working properly. It could be moving too rough or too fast, which can cause falls. All escalators have to be monitored and serviced regularly. If the building has not done this, then it can be held liable for the damages that are done to the victims.

Trips are also common and can occur due to obstacles in the way or wet conditions can cause slips. The issue with trips and falls on escalators is that the accidents can lead to other people falling.

Lastly, foot injuries can be sustained in accidents. Perhaps a shoe is pulled into the stairs. Flip flops are especially susceptible to getting caught in escalators, leading to serious foot injuries. Other items can also be dragged into an escalator. Whatever the cause, a St. Paul personal injury attorney will investigate it to determine what occurred and hold all responsible parties accountable.

Contact A Minneapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

There are escalators all around the Twin Cities, which means there is a high probability of accidents. If you have been injured in an escalator accident due to an escalator defect or someone else’s negligence, you may be able to hold them accountable for the damages that have been done to you. To learn about your rights and options, call 651-454-3600 for a free consultation.