Investigation of Car Accidents

St. Paul and Minneapolis Car Accident Investigation Lawyers

Many law firms talk about the importance of investigation in car accident cases, bragging about their ability to work with top-notch investigators to determine the cause of a car accident. At the law firm of Swor & Gatto, P.A., we conduct investigations as necessary. However, in many cases, they are simply not necessary.

Under Minnesota law, when a car accident results in a catastrophic injury or a wrongful death, the law enforcement agency handling the case (either Minnesota state troopers or a local police department) must conduct an investigation. Their investigations tend to be thorough and may include a review by an accident reconstructionist. As your attorneys, we will take the information revealed by that investigation and use it to build a case with the strength to get you the results you need, without having to pass the costs of an unnecessary secondary investigation on to you at the end of your case.

What if Further Investigation Is Necessary?

Although it is rare in car crash cases, it is possible that the law enforcement agency’s investigation may not provide all of the facts we need to build a strong case. This may be necessary in alcohol-related accident cases when we are considering action against a bar that over served the drunk driver. When appropriate, we will work with a skilled investigator to help us get all the supplemental information we need.

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