What To Do After a Dog Bite Incident

Dogs are some of our most beloved companions, and while most dogs are happy to greet any random person they meet, even the calmest pup can snap. Dog bites often don’t make the evening news, but they happen to people every day. Even if you are a dog lover, it is crucial to know what to do after a dog bite incident in order to protect your health and make sure your injuries get compensation so you aren’t stuck with the bill.

The First Steps After Being Bitten

After a dog bite occurs, there are several first steps that you should take in order to make sure you stay healthy. You should also take these steps to help any future legal action, even if you do not intend to pursue it at the time.

The first steps to take after a dog bite injury include:

  • Seek Medical Attention – A dog’s teeth are specifically designed to rend flesh. This can lead to devastating results if they attack a human suddenly. This is why it is so important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Not only may the dog not be vaccinated against rabies, in which case you will need to have treatment to prevent it, but puncture wounds from dog teeth are highly prone to infection. If wounds are not life-threatening, consider taking pictures of the injury in case you need them from legal action in the future.
  • Get Information From The Owner – Similar to the aftermath of a car accident, you will want to get the owner of the dog’s contact information. This will make it so that the vaccination records of the dog can be verified and you can wield legal action against them if you so choose. This information should include name, address, and a way to contact them.
  • Contact Animal Control – This step is more crucial if you were bitten by a stray. Animal control will need to catch the dog in order to prevent any future injuries to someone else and make sure they are not rabid. However, even if the dog has an owner, you should still contact animal control. They will launch an investigation into the incident in order to prevent future issues with the dog and their investigation report could end up helping your case.

After the Dog Bite Incident

After you have sought medical attention and your bite is beginning to heal, now is the time you will need to decide what you will want to do. You might find that many dog owners are willing to cover medical expenses or give you their insurance information to help cover the costs. However, if they are not willing to, you can pursue legal action to cover your injuries.

If you do decide to take legal action, much of what you have to do next is documentation. You should recall the events of the accident to the best of your ability and contact any witnesses that might have been present at the act. Your next step should be to contact a dog bite attorney to discuss your case. Once you have decided to pursue legal action, you lawyer will compile the evidence and file a personal injury suit against the dog owner.

You might worry that filing legal action for your injuries will mean that the dog may need to be put down. However, if you are strongly against it, you could plead to the judge that the dog will be spared. Often this will make the owners not fight against you as hard as many times in these suits, the owners are not fighting so much against compensating you, but for the life of their pet.