‘Tis the Season for Deer-vs.-Vehicle Crashes on Minnesota Roads

November is typically the month with the highest number of collisions between deer and vehicles. Minnesota has the eighth-highest number of such crashes in the U.S., while Wisconsin has the seventh highest. The numbers are declining in most states, but Minnesota is an exception.

Drivers on Minnesota roads should be aware of the dangers of darting deer, especially at dawn and dusk. Although it can seem like a treat to spot a deer standing at the side of the road, often there will be more deer nearby. Rather than focusing on the buck or doe that is visible, drivers should be vigilant about other deer that may be close.

By keeping alert, you can help prevent Minnesota motor vehicle accidents.

The Results of Minnesota Car Crashes With Deer

A Washington County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Commander told KARE 11 News that drivers should be on the lookout for deer that are crossing the road. With one in 98 licensed Minnesota drivers expected to crash into a deer this season, this sounds like good advice.

Minnesota car accidents, especially those involving large animals such as deer, can cause significant property damage, in addition to putting drivers at risk.

Injuries that drivers may suffer during a serious car accident include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries, broken bones and lacerations. Damage to property could include severe damage to the driver’s vehicle.

Factors that can affect the outcome of an accident include the condition of the road, the time of day, driver reaction, the presence of other drivers on the road and the condition of the vehicle.

Although deer are an integral part of Minnesota’s natural landscape, they can be deadly when a vehicle collides with them. Being aware of the dangers may help drivers avoid some of the risk.

Source: Kare 11, “Deer-Related Car Accidents Jump This Time of Year,” Nov. 1, 2011.