Minneapolis Medical Bill Compensation Lawyers

Medical bills can pile up quickly after an accident. If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, the victim should not have to be responsible for these bills. Compensation should come from the negligent party, and it should cover all medical expenses — past, present and future. Although the negligent party’s insurance company will call you to make an offer, you should not accept it before discussing your case with a personal injury lawyer.

St. Paul Car Accident Attorneys

At the law firm of Swor & Gatto, P.A., in St. Paul, Minnesota, we have been handling personal injury cases for decades. We have handled car accidents and all other types of motor vehicle accidents, as well as other accidents caused by negligence. We know the compensation that accident victims are entitled to. We refuse to let insurance agents take advantage of victims.

How to Determine Fair Medical Compensation

We may not be able to determine fair medical compensation immediately. It may be necessary to wait to see how your treatment progresses.

We will work with your treating doctor and other medical experts as needed to determine exactly what sort of medical costs you will incur in the future. If you are going to need in-home medical care for years because of your injuries, we will make certain the cost is covered. If you are going to need physical therapy or replacement wheelchairs years from now, we will make certain the cost is covered. We will make certain every cost is covered.

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Are you searching for a Minneapolis medical bill compensation attorney? We invite you to call us at 651-454-3600 for a free consultation. You can also contact us via e-mail. If you cannot come to us, we will visit you at home or in the hospital.

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