Minneapolis Motorcycle Accidents and Head Injury Lawyers

When a motorcycle is hit by a car or truck, the result is often catastrophic injuries. Even when the victim is wearing a helmet, head and brain injuries are extremely common.

If you or a loved one has suffered a head or brain injury in a motorcycle collision, it is important to understand that insurance agents are not as sympathetic as they may seem. Before discussing your case with them, you should review your rights with an experienced Minnesota personal injury lawyer.

St. Paul Brain Injury Attorneys

At the law firm of Swor & Gatto, P.A., you will benefit from the representation of an attorney who knows motorcycles. Paul Gatto, one of our founding attorneys, rides a Harley and goes to Sturgis almost every year. He understands the threats posed to motorcyclists by negligent drivers, and he is sympathetic to the needs of people who have suffered brain and head injuries when these threats have become all-too-real.

A head injury is a life-changing event. The victim may never be able to ride a motorcycle again, either because of the physical harm suffered in the accident or because of the psychological impact of the accident. Of course, this particular issue may be the least of the problems that the victim has to deal with. Even in cases involving what is described as a closed head injury or a mild traumatic brain injury, people are often left with severe cognitive difficulties. In the most extreme cases, the victim may remain comatose or unable to care for him or herself. No matter what your situation, our goal is to get you compensation.

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