Investigation of Truck Accidents

St. Paul and Minneapolis Truck Accident Investigation Lawyers

Did you know that under Minnesota law, when a truck accident results in a catastrophic injury or a wrongful death, the law enforcement agency handling the case must conduct an investigation? Most of the work to determine the cause of a trucking accident will be done by either Minnesota state troopers or a local police department.

At the law firm of Swor & Gatto, P.A., our attorneys build strong truck accident cases by reviewing the details revealed in the law enforcement agency’s investigation. However, sometimes their investigations are insufficient. Sometimes, it is necessary to dig a little deeper in order to get all of the facts we need to make your case successful. While the law enforcement agency will typically bring in an accident reconstructionist, it may miss certain details that our decades of experience have taught us can be extremely important.

Looking Where Others May Not Know to Look

Our experience has taught us where to look when investigating trucking accident cases. We know that truck drivers frequently keep two sets of records. They may have a driver’s log that looks perfectly legal. That’s the one they show to law enforcement. They may also have a driver’s log that’s a little more difficult to locate, one that reveals they were spending too many hours behind the wheel and were fatigued, or that they were driving too fast.

We also know the importance of looking at maintenance records and other records in order to find pieces of information that can strengthen our case.

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