Causes of Truck Accidents

St. Paul and Minneapolis Truck Accident Lawyers

When an accident is caused by a person who is trained to drive, a person who is regulated by a vast array of federal safety guidelines, the question often arises, “Why did the accident happen?” Not only do you want to know the cause of the truck accident, getting this information is critical to building a strong and successful personal injury case.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Minnesota

Since 1981, we have been handling semi-truck crash cases for victims throughout Minnesota. The trends in terms of causes of semi-truck crashes are familiar to us. They include:

At the law firm of Swor & Gatto, P.A., we will review all of the common causes, but we will dig deep when necessary. Our experienced truck collision attorneys know when it is important to conduct a careful investigation of a truck accident. We know that our investigation may have to go beyond the driver, because truck accidents may also be caused by the negligent actions of the trucking company itself, or even by maintenance companies. We will find out who was responsible for the truck accident, and we will hold that party accountable.

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