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Rear-end accidents, one of the most common types of car accidents in and around the Twin Cities, are often caused by drivers with trailers attached to their vehicles. These negligent drivers fail to take into account the fact that the extra weight of the trailer increases the distance necessary to stop their vehicles. They hit their brakes too late at stop signs or stop lights, causing them to run into the vehicle ahead of them.

Types of Car Accidents Involving Trailers

Trailers, including boat trailers and moving trailers, can cause a wide variety of motor vehicle accidents, not only rear-end collisions. Trailer accidents may also involve drivers changing lanes without taking into account the additional length added to their vehicles. Head-on collisions and side-impact collisions involving vehicles with trailers are also possible. The attorneys at the Minnesota law firm of Swor & Gatto, P.A., handle all personal injury claims.

In some cases, a car accident may be caused by a trailer coming off of a hitch. While it is possible that the trailer hitch was defective, it is also possible that the driver of the vehicle pulling the trailer did not attach the trailer or the hitch properly. Our lawyers will consult with experts and specialists as necessary to determine causation.

In addition to handling Twin Cities car accidents, we handle cases throughout Minnesota, including Northern Minnesota motor vehicle accidents involving trailers.

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