Burn Injury

St. Paul Severe Scarring Injury Attorney

It is hard to comprehend the pain that burn victims experience. And even when the skin damage heals, burn patients have to face scarring, disfigurement and phantom pain. They may need to undergo extensive reconstructive surgeries.

Experienced Advocates

If a burn injury was the result of negligence by another party, the injured person may be able to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other costs. It is important that people consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn whether they are eligible for this type of financial remedy. At our St. Paul law firm of Swor & Gatto, P.A., our attorneys have advocated for injured clients since 1981. We have the knowledge and experience to build strong cases for burn injury victims.

How We Help Burn Injury Victims

Our Minnesota lawyers have helped clients who suffered burn injuries as a result of:

We investigate the accident thoroughly to identify the liable party. We work with life care planners to ensure that all past, present and future costs are included in the claim. We consult medical specialists and experts to determine the impact of the injuries on a client’s life. We prepare the case for trial, knowing that insurance companies are more likely to offer a fair settlement when they believe that the other side is ready to go to court.

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We invite you to schedule a free initial consultation to learn how the St. Paul lawyers at Swor & Gatto can help you after an accident caused a burn injury. Contact us at 651-454-3600 or complete our intake form today. If you cannot come to us, we will visit you at home or in the hospital.

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