E. Coli Poisoning

E.Coli poisoning is common, but it causes more serious complications in some people than it does others. For the average person, it causes stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. For others, it can result in heart attack, kidney failure, or even death. Unfortunately, E.Coli poisoning is the direct result of food that is not prepared correctly, prepared in an area where it is contaminated by other foods, or it is not cleaned well.

If you have become seriously ill from E.Coli or you have lost a loved one because someone was negligent in how they handled food, you may be able to hold them liable for the financial damages done to you through the legal assistance of a St. Paul personal injury lawyer.

Addressing E.Coli Outbreaks

There are many E.Coli cases where multiple individuals become ill. Perhaps a manufacturer packaged contaminated food that was distributed to hundreds or thousands of people. Then again, a restaurant may have served contaminated food because it was not prepared in a sterile environment. These are scenarios that can lead to E.Coli outbreaks that are very dangerous. This is why food recalls sometimes take place.

When that is the case and a lot of individuals become ill or they die from the illness, there may be multiple lawsuits or class action lawsuits. This is because these matters can be very serious and those injured deserve to be compensated for the damages done to them.

Advocating For Your Future

When you have been poisoned due to E.Coli, you may experience cramping and diarrhea, gall stones, kidney failure, dizziness, heart problems, kidney failure, coma, seizures, stroke, heart attack, and even death. The CDC estimates over 70,000 E.Coli infections occurring in the U.S. each year with over 2,000 of them being so serious that the victim requires hospitalization and this means having hospital bills.

When you have become ill to the point that you require medical care, your Minneapolis personal injury lawyer can help you get to the bottom of the matter and find justice for you. You can hold those responsible accountable for their negligence so you can pay the medical bills and take care of the other financial damages caused by the illness. That way you can focus on recovery and not the financial worries that accompany the unexpected costs.

Contact A St. Paul Personal Injury Attorney

E. coli is fairly common. For some people, it causes them to become ill in a way that is similar to a stomach virus. However, there are some individuals, such as those with suppressed immune systems that are unable to fight off the illness and this can result in serious issues or death. If you or a loved one has been injured due to E. coli poisoning that was the fault of someone else, call 651-454-3600 for a free phone consultation.