Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving is one of the most common reasons behind automobile accidents. This makes it a very hot topic of conversation because distracted driving leads to crash avoidance maneuvers that result in a crash anyway. This causes innocent people to become injured or even killed.

If you have been injured in a distracted driving accident that is the fault of another person, you may be able to hold them liable for the financial damages that have been done to you. With the help of an experienced St. Paul personal injury lawyer, you could hold them liable for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other related expenses.

Holding Distracted Drivers Accountable

At Swor & Gatto, we work hard to hold distracted drivers accountable for the damages resulting from accidents that they caused. First, we determine the cause of the accident and why they were distracted; we utilize witness statements, review the police report, and evaluate other evidence in order to create a solid case for you.

As it stands, some of the most common reasons for distractions are eating, drinking, putting on makeup, watching TV, adjusting radio or climate controls, texting, talking on the phone, and even playing video games. This takes away from reading road signs, checking mirrors, staying in tune with the flow of traffic, and simply keeping an eye on the road. Because of this, approximately 25% of traffic accidents are due to distracted driving, but that number is estimated to be closer to 50%.

Securing Justice For You

Distracted driving accidents happen so easily because the distracted driver’s brain is busy doing something other than driving. This means that when an accident scenario presents itself, the brain may be delayed in its reaction, causing a preventable accident from happening. Sometimes an accident can be prevented just by reacting quicker.

Unfortunately, these accidents do happen and that has individuals in the Twin Cities needing a St. Paul and Minneapolis personal injury lawyer who can secure compensation for them through negotiations or trial. Because victims’ insurance companies tend to not want to pay for medical care related to an accident due to someone else’s negligence, it is very important to pursue the responsible party so that the financial aspects can be covered. By not having to worry about the financial elements, focus can be placed on physical recovery.

Contact A St. Paul Personal Injury Attorney

Operating the radio, the GPS system, trying to deal with children, texting, putting on makeup, and reading behind the wheel of a vehicle are all examples of distracted driving. When doing any of these things results in an automobile accident, it is classified as a distracted driving accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in a distracted driving accident, you may be able to hold the responsible party accountable for the monetary damages done to you. To learn about how Swor & Gatto can help you, call 651-454-3600 or toll free at 651-454-3600 for a free phone consultation.