Chemical Exposure

Minneapolis & St. Paul Chemical Exposure Lawyers

There are some careers that some individuals work in where they are risking a lot every single day. Sometimes even going out to specific places can be hazardous if there is a possibility of breathing in or being exposed to hazardous chemicals. Nonetheless, most individuals who are exposed to chemicals encounter them while on the job. And those chemicals can result to injuries, such as chemical burns, illness that doesn’t show up for years, or death.

If you have been exposed to chemicals that have led to injury or illness or you have lost a loved one from exposure to hazardous chemicals, you may have a lawsuit against the responsible party. Our Minneapolis personal injury attorneys will work to get to the bottom of the case, determining that chemical exposure was responsible and that the exposure occurred because of someone else’s negligence.

Experience In All Types Of Chemical Exposure

At Swor & Gatto, we are experienced in all types of chemical exposure. This type of case can be rather complex because the exposure may have happened years ago. We can look for the missing link to make sure you receive the compensation you need for your condition due to the toxic chemical exposure that you encountered. The following are some of the types of chemical exposure that we have experience helping clients with:

  • Asbestos cases in which the victim contracted mesothelioma
  • Rubber and gasoline exposure
  • Solvents and benzene

Exposure to these chemicals and many others can lead to lung injuries, various types of cancers, and skin burns that result in long-term injury.

The Compensation You Need To Heal

While there are some conditions resulting from toxic chemical exposure that cannot be healed or even improved, monetary compensation will take away the financial stress that the accident has placed on you. For instance, you may have incurred medical costs that you cannot afford to pay or you have lost time from work either because you are on leave or because you lost your job from being unable to work. You have also suffered and most likely experienced other monetary damages stemming from the accident.

Your St. Paul personal injury lawyer will fight for your right to compensation for your lost income, pain and suffering for your family, medication and any medical equipment needed to make your life easier, emotional and physical therapy, and more.

Contact A Minneapolis Personal Injury Attorney

Chemical exposure can cause a variety of injuries based on the type of chemical one was exposed to and how. Chemical exposure can lead to skin burns and lung irritation. It could also lead to illnesses that develop far into the future, such as those who have developed mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure.

If you have sustained injuries or an illness due to chemical exposure, you may have a personal injury case against anyone responsible for that exposure. To find out what your rights and options are, call 651-454-3600 for a free phone consultation.