When Wrongful Death is the Result of Poor Medical Decision-Making

Doctors earn a tremendous amount of respect for what they do every day because it is so difficult. They literally hold the lives of many of their patients in their hands, and as such, they need to make the difficult decisions in order to save them. However, often these aren’t simple or even easy decisions…. Read more »

Winter Injuries That Require a Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer

Minnesota winters are both snowy and cold, and create conditions that make walking and driving hazardous. Avoiding personal injury during this time of year requires caution, careful planning, and making the right preparations each time you walk or drive in snowy or icy conditions. However, winter injuries can still happen despite your careful and diligent… Read more »

Medical Device Defect? Know Your Options

In the world today, many people use a medical device to improve their daily lives or in the case of emergency. People with heart conditions may have a pacemaker, and people with mobility problems may rely on a walker or wheelchair to get around. Usually, the devices function exactly as they should; they improve the… Read more »

Injury Attorneys Can Resolve Insurance Claims Without Filing Suit

When you’re injured in an auto accident, it’s important to consult a personal injury attorney, even if you don’t want to file a lawsuit. A personal injury attorney has the knowledge and experience to manage your insurance claims. As your legal representative, your attorney can perform a variety of vital services on your behalf without presenting your case in a courtroom. Investigate your… Read more »

Food Poisoning Litigation: When to Seek More than Medical Attention

When you go out to eat at a restaurant or buy food from your local grocery store, you trust the food handling professionals to ensure that everything you buy is clean and safe to eat. However, this is not always the case. As evidenced by the waves of E. coli and Listeria outbreaks in the… Read more »

What Is Medical Negligence? Do You Have A Case?

We trust doctors to help us when we get sick, or injured. We trust nurses to care for us, dentists to pull our teeth, and pharmacists to get us the proper prescriptions. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget that having a medical degree doesn’t make you a wizard, and that there really are some instances where medical… Read more »

Minnesota Boating Safety Tips To Protect You and Your Family

Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, it’s our motto, so of course our seasonable weekends will be spent exploring any one of those forest-lined waterscapes. However, when taking the boat out for a day of fun with the family, it is crucial that you stay safe. With so many lakes, accidents can happen, but… Read more »

Can Minnesota Drivers Can Be Ticketed for Driving Too Slowly?

So long as you are not on the freeway or any other road with a distinct posted minimum speed limit, you can go as slow as you please without worry of being ticketed, right? Sadly, even if there is no posted minimum speed limit, if you are going too slow, you are just as likely… Read more »

Personal Injury During Thanksgiving: What Should You Watch Out For?

Thanksgiving is ideally a time of relaxation, good company, and thankfulness for all the positive things in your life. Hopefully, your Thanksgiving will be a safe one, giving you peace of mind. To ensure safety during the holiday, it’s important to remain mindful about the risks. The following are some of the accidents that often… Read more »

How Should You Handle an Independent Medical Exam (IME)?

If you’ve suffered an accident that has resulted in injuries, you’ll seek compensation from an insurance company and, in relevant cases, from any parties responsible for the accident. In these cases, the insurance company or the parties responsible can request that you undergo an independent medical exam (IME) to verify the claims you’ve made about your… Read more »