Case Results

$1,000,000+ Awarded In Motor Vehicle Crash

Settlement for the death of a four year old child killed in a motor vehicle crash.

$1,000,000+ Awarded In Head Injury From Motor Vehicle Crash

Settlement for a young man suffering a head injury in a motor vehicle crash.

$1,000,000+ Awards In Burn Injury Case

Awarded for hotel bath burn injury.

Confidential Settlement For Motor Vehicle Crash Into Apartment Building

Confidential settlement for woman injured when truck ran into her apartment building .

$350,000 Awarded In Fractured Leg Motor Vehicle Crash

Awarded for man suffering fractured leg in a pedestrian motor vehicle crash.

$400,000 Awarded In Shoulder Injury Motor Vehicle Crash

Awarded for man suffering a shoulder injury in motor vehicle crash.

$450,000 and $100,000 Awarded To Renters In Fall Injury

Two men fell 8 feet onto a log pile when a railing broke at a home they were renting. One suffered multiple fractures to his ribs that required surgery. Cases resolved for $450,000 and $100,000.

$90,000 Awarded in Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Woman was struck by an elderly motorist while walking her dog. Traumatic Brain Injury, lost ability to work as a writer, and general injuries to her neck and back. Liability case resolved for $100,000 policy limits and the UM case resolved for $90,000.

$130,000 Awarded To Victim of Snow Plow Truck Accident

Man driving home in a snow storm was hit by a snow plow truck that was turning left. Had spinal fusion in his low back. All medical and lost wages paid plus a settlement of $130,000 with the liability carrier.

$275,000 Awarded In Courier Van Accident

Woman struck in a crosswalk by a courier van while leaving work. Missed nearly a year of work as a laborer with significant issues in her low back and left leg. Case resolved for $275,000

$90,000 Awarded To Fall Injury Victim

Woman suffered injury to her wrist when a chair on a restaurant patio broke. She had surgery to resolved carpal tunnel injury caused by the fall from the chair. Case Resolved for $90,000