Dog Bite Statistics: A Closer Look

According to the Centers for Disease Control (the CDC), more than 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year in the U.S. Of those 4.7 million, close to 800,000 will seek medical attention. Half of the people bitten are children, and nearly 400,000 of those bitten will need emergency treatment. There’s no question that… Read more »

Symptoms, Causes, & Results of a Traumatic Brain Injury

According to the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance, each year over 4,000 people in Minnesota end up hospitalized due to a traumatic brain injury, and approximately 100,000 people in Minnesota are currently disabled because of a brain injury. If you have suffered a brain injury due the negligent behavior of another, you may be entitled to compensation under the… Read more »

Oil Train Derailment Focuses New Attention On Train Accidents

Many Minnesota residents live near rail lines carrying trains loaded with crude oil from the Bakken region of western North Dakota and eastern Montana. The June 3, 2016, derailment of a Union Pacific train in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area once again highlights the potential dangers of oil-carrying trains, particularly those using older… Read more »

Provocation In Dog Bite Case is Important For Determining Liability

A dog is a man’s best friend, or so the old saying goes. However, while there are stories of friendship between people and dogs, both in big and small ways, it’s important to remember that dogs are still animals. They may be smart, loyal, and friendly, but deep down, even the best-trained dogs still have… Read more »

Bodily Injury Claims for Skiing and Snowboard Accidents

With the skiing and riding season approaching, the prospects for individuals to suffer bodily injury claims as a result of a ski or snowboard accident will increase. Ski resorts and state statutes and regulations often establish liability disclaimers that impose an assumption of risk upon participants in these sports, but those disclaimers do not create an absolute… Read more »

Minnesota Wrongful Death Lawsuit Lawyers

Coping with the unexpected death of a loved one is heartbreaking, and even more so when the death was caused by another person, the government, or a corporation’s maliciousness or neglect. Wrongful deaths, caused by the acts or omission of others, are an alarmingly common cause of death in the US. In fact, every year,… Read more »

Understanding Your Minnesota Dog Bite Injury Rights

Dog bites injuries are an often serious concern that leads to expensive lawsuits. In Minnesota, there are a variety of laws that dictate who is at fault in these situations. Fault must be proven by either side to ensure that they win. The following information is crucial for anyone to know in a dog bite… Read more »

Food Borne Illness Lawsuits Growing in Minnesota and Elsewhere

Food borne illnesses are a common, and usually minor, problem. Mishandled food, under-cooked food, unsanitary conditions, and negligence can expose the consumer to a range of dangerous microorganisms like E. coli and salmonella. Exposure to these disease-causing agents results in hospitalizations and some lawsuits every year in Minnesota. Some of the cases are strictly local. Other… Read more »

Minnesota Airplane Accident Lawyer

Airplane Accidents: Why They Happen and Your Legal Options Thankfully, airplane accidents are relatively rare, particularly when compared to the frequency of motor vehicle accidents. While it might seem inherently more dangerous than driving, the odds of dying in a plane crash are 11 million to 1, compared to the 5,000 to 1 chances of… Read more »

Minnesota Daycare Injury Lawyer

Daycare is the “safe place” parents turn to when it comes to childcare. This is why it is particularly distressing if your child suffers an injury while in the care of daycare workers. Many parents turn to daycare or nannies when it’s time to go back to work following a childbirth. Choosing a daycare is… Read more »