Improperly Loaded Trucks Cause Accidents On Minnesota Highways

Semi trucks are a common sight along American highways and are an essential part of keeping the economy moving smoothly. While they statistically are involved in fewer accidents than smaller passenger vehicles, the outcome can be far more disastrous simply because of their sheer size and the amount of cargo they carry. For this reason,… Read more »

Coup and Contrecoup Injuries: The Brain Trauma That You Can’t See

Any time an object strikes the head, the brain is at risk for traumatic brain injury. These injuries are serious, and can lead to both short-term and long-term health effects. But many people don’t realize the seriousness of TBI or the kind of damage that it can cause. Understanding this injury is the first step… Read more »

Limb Amputation from a Car Accident? Now What?

Serious car accidents are, by their very nature, traumatic and life-changing. Recovering from injuries received during a car crash can take a long time and is quite challenging for the whole family. Loss of limb is the type of injury  that permanently changes lives, and requires the victim as well as his or her family… Read more »

Wrongful Death of an Unborn Child? You Have Rights

Planning and preparing for the birth of a child is an important milestone in a family.  When this child is lost, due to the malice or negligence of somebody else, it’s often devastating. If you’ve suffered this type of loss, you have our condolences. It’s a difficult thing to do through. Grieving is just one… Read more »

Reporting a Work Injury In Minnesota

The majority of worker’s compensation claims in Minnesota tend to stay under the radar. There are no lawyers, conferences, trials, settlements, or major disputes. Minor injury claims in which the person will recover quickly are often taken care of quickly without the need for legal involvement. The worker’s compensation system is designed to settle cases… Read more »

School Bus Accidents in Minnesota – How a Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Since the recent Chattanooga school bus tragedy, the safety of our children has become a hot topic of conversation across the country. Every day, parents entrust their children’s health and well-being to virtual strangers. Because these strangers are school teachers, day care workers and bus drivers employed by the entities like school districts, there is… Read more »

Winter-Related Personal Injury Accidents: What You Need to Know

It’s no secret that winters in Minnesota can be rough; it’s part of the reason why 1.3 million accidents occur as a result of inclement weather conditions nation-wide. As a driver, it’s important to understand your responsibility when it comes to preventing winter-related personal injury accidents. Specifically, there are numerous safety tips you should keep in… Read more »

Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

There are so many personal injury lawyers out there that it can be overwhelming for the person who needs to find one. Some attorneys limit their caseloads to serious injuries from wrongful death for medical malpractice. Many are injury-specific, like those who work on asbestos cases or specialize in animal bites. Still others focus solely… Read more »

Car Accident Settlement? Know the Law

Getting in a car accident is no fun for anyone involved, but it’s a fairly common occurrence in the developed world. In fact, nearly 20 to 50 million people globally get hurt in car accidents every year. Sadly, many of the people who get in car accidents never get help with medical expenses, but as… Read more »

Wrongful Death of a Child: What It Is, And What You Can Do

Death is never easy. Even if we expect it, and we’ve prepared for it, it can still hit us hard. Just ask anyone who’s ever lost a loved one due to old age, or to a terminal illness they knew there was no recovery from. When death is unexpected, it hits us even harder. When… Read more »