Asbestos is a very dangerous material and one that can still be found in some places. In the 1990s, many buildings had the asbestos within their walls removed. While precautions were taken, there were still individuals exposed. In fact, individuals have been exposed to this dangerous substance for decades and some are just now seeing the effects of that exposure. The most common consequence is mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is the result because the fibers of asbestos can get into the lungs. Nonetheless, mesothelioma is just one of the lung cancers or conditions that can result.

If you have been injured due to asbestos exposure, you deserve a chance to hold those responsible for your injuries accountable with the help of a St. Paul personal injury attorney who has helped individuals throughout the entire Twin Cities recover the compensation they deserve for the injuries and illnesses sustained due to asbestos exposure.

Filing An Asbestos Lawsuit On Your Behalf

The illnesses related to asbestos exposure are usually life threatening because they come in the form of cancer that is caused due to asbestos fiber exposure. It is very possible that the symptoms do not show up until 30 or even 50 years after exposure. This is why it is important for individuals to be aware of the symptoms, side effects, and the treatments available for those who become ill.

Asbestos has been found in the following places:

  • Cigarette filters
  • Inside buildings as insulation
  • Engine part and pipe linings
  • Tablecloths, clothing, and other types of textiles
  • Mechanical parts, such as clutch discs and brake pads

What this translates into is millions of people who have been exposed to asbestos and may be facing serious health issues and cancer without knowing it.

Recovering The Compensation You Deserve

Asbestos exposure is most likely the result of someone else’s negligence. Perhaps the right safety measures were not put in place, not all of the asbestos was removed from a building, or negligent practices were used that caused the fibers to go airborne when it could have been avoided. Any time that is the case, the situation is a dangerous one and any complications that result can lead to you being able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party.

To do this, a highly experienced Minneapolis personal injury lawyer who has helped individuals injured due to the negligence of others recover the compensation needed to move forward as soon as possible. This compensation helps pay for medical expenses, lost wages, may compensate for pain and suffering, and much more.

Contact A St. Paul Personal Injury Attorney

Cases of mesothelioma arising out of asbestos exposure have been popping up for quite some time. Mesothelioma is very serious, which is why it warrants the filing of personal injury lawsuits against those responsible for the asbestos exposure. Sometimes mesothelioma doesn’t appear until decades after exposure. If you or a loved one has become ill due to asbestos exposure, Swor & Gatto may be able to help you. Call today for a free phone consultation at 651-454-3600.