Oil Train Derailment Focuses New Attention On Train Accidents

Many Minnesota residents live near rail lines carrying trains loaded with crude oil from the Bakken region of western North Dakota and eastern Montana. The June 3, 2016, derailment of a Union Pacific train in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area once again highlights the potential dangers of oil-carrying trains, particularly those using older… Read more »

Provocation In Dog Bite Case is Important For Determining Liability

A dog is a man’s best friend, or so the old saying goes. However, while there are stories of friendship between people and dogs, both in big and small ways, it’s important to remember that dogs are still animals. They may be smart, loyal, and friendly, but deep down, even the best-trained dogs still have… Read more »

Bodily Injury Claims for Skiing and Snowboard Accidents

With the skiing and riding season approaching, the prospects for individuals to suffer bodily injury claims as a result of a ski or snowboard accident will increase. Ski resorts and state statutes and regulations often establish liability disclaimers that impose an assumption of risk upon participants in these sports, but those disclaimers do not create an absolute… Read more »

Minnesota Wrongful Death Lawsuit Lawyers

Coping with the unexpected death of a loved one is heartbreaking, and even more so when the death was caused by another person, the government, or a corporation’s maliciousness or neglect. Wrongful deaths, caused by the acts or omission of others, are an alarmingly common cause of death in the US. In fact, every year,… Read more »