Getting Justice for the Wrongful Death of an Unborn Child

Losing a child to miscarriage during pregnancy is devastating, but what if you lose a baby due to somebody else’s negligence or even violent actions? What recourse do you have? You may wonder where to turn when your pregnancy ends  due to the actions of another person, but during this trying time, it’s important to… Read more »

Minnesota Bicycle Accidents: Avoid Them, but Know How to Deal with Them

Bicycle riding is good for health, providing enjoyable exercise. It has its risks, though; hundreds of bicyclists die each year in the US, and hundreds of thousands make emergency room visits for bicycle-related injuries. In a contest between a bike and a car, the bike loses. It’s difficult to say what the injury and fatality… Read more »

Brain Injury Research Demonstrates Potential Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The most common causes of severe head injuries are motor vehicle accidents, falls and violence. Recent research suggests that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) may advance the healing process in some patients with traumatic brain injuries. Most people think of HBOT as a potentially life-saving therapy for scuba divers suffering from “the bends.” However, evidence is… Read more »

Medical Malpractice and Birth Injury-Related Klumpke’s Palsy

Advances in childbirth medical technology and physician training have reduced the incidents of birth injuries over the past several years. Nonetheless, birth injuries have not been completely eliminated. Circumstances might make some of those injuries unavoidable. In other instances, for example, where a doctor uses excessive force to pull a baby’s head through a birth canal,… Read more »